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Terms & Conditions


1) Booking Confirmation/Deposit Payment

1.1) All our bookings are confirmed in writing with a Booking Confirmation being issued upon receipt of an agreed deposit amount (Usually 50%). A booking has not been guaranteed until a deposit payment has been made and cleared to 

1.2) Payment of the deposit will be taken as acknowledgement and agreement to the Terms & Conditions of

1.3) Depost Payments are non-refundable in the event of cancellation

2) Payment Terms

2.1) As stated in section 1, an agreed deposit amount will be required to secure your booking with Until payment we cannot guarantee your booking

2.2) The balance that is still outstanding following payment of the deposit can be paid by the following methods;

1) Full payment (Cleared funds) to by Bank Transfer or Cheque at least 5 working days prior to the event. We must receive cleared funds prior to the function date to allow us to confirm safe receipt

2) Payment in full in cash on the night of the event prior to the start time directly to the DJ, Important Note: We do not accept cheque payments on the day of the event unless agreed before hand and in writing to

2.3) The deposit amount due will be agreed and stated prior to payment and is non-refundable

2.4) The balance due for payment will be  as stated on the Booking Confirmation issued by 

3) Service Guarantee

3.1) We guarantee to provide a DJ and all associated equipment for the date and venue stated on your Booking Confirmation

3.2) We guarantee the start and finish times stated on your Booking Confirmation

3.3) We guarantee to provide a replacement service in the event of illness/accident etc

3.4) We guarantee we will remain polite and professional at all times

3.5) We guarantee a full refund in the extremely unlikely event that we are unable to provide our service as per agreed on our Booking Confirmation

4) Cancellation Policy

4.1) In the event that you wish to cancel your booking with functionmaster you will be required to do so in writing 

4.2) As stated in section 1, deposit payments are non-refundable in the event of cancellation

4.3) If you give less than 30 days notice of cancellation you will be required to pay 50% of the agreed outstanding balance. In the event of less than 14 days notice of cancellation, you will be required to pay 100% of the agreed outstanding balance

4.4) In the highly unlikely event that have to cancel (Force Majeure), we would refund all the money including your deposit

5) Changes to Performance Time

5.1) If on the day of your event you decide that additional performance time is required by (Outside of the times stated on your Booking Confirmation) an additional fee will be required and due for immediate payment in cash prior to additional hours being agreed and performed

5.2) cannot be held responsible for delays in setting up due to prior events (Presentation or Wedding Breakfast overrun for example)  which may result in a start time later than stated on your Booking Confirmation

5.3) In the unlikely event that is delayed through their own fault and is therefore unable to set-up in time for the agreed start time we will offer to make up lost time at the end of the night subject to agreement with the venue. We stress that this is extremely unlikely as we always allow ample time to ensure an efficient and completely reliable service

6) Setting Up of Equipment

6.1) Please allow at least 1 hour for set-up of all our equipment

6.2) We will require 1 table for auxiliary equipment

6.3) An early set-up can be organised. This must be requested in advance and will incur an additional charge to take into account additional time and mileage etc

6.4) We will require an area at least 8ft wide by 6ft deep to set up in. We can set up in smaller areas, but this will need to be discussed beforehand to ensure that our smaller set up is used, and the area is safe for our requirements

6.5) We will require at least 2 mains power sockets. If using multiple uplighting/LED Dance Floor etc, additional powerpoint's will be required

6.6) We will need to know in advance if there is any difficult access into and out of the venue. This is necessary to ensure that we have suitable equipment and labour in areas with particularly difficult access. If we are not advised about this advance, we reserve the right to refuse entry if it is deemed unsafe to do so. We will always endeavour to visit an unfamiliar venue prior to the event to carry out a Risk Assessment/Check Access 

6.7) We will need to know in advance if your event is going to be held in a marquee. we will also require a flat/solid/dry surface of the size stated above (6.4) with a clean mains supply or use of a suitable generator, with surge protection. We will also require the area to be covered above and to the sides.

6.8) We will not set-up in the open air, unless agreed beforehand, and this will always be open to stable and suitable weather conditions

6.9) We will need at least 1 hour to remove all equipment from the venue (Dependant on system size) and allowance must be made for this from the venue by the client (No equipment will be left overnight at the venue, or charges will apply)

6.10) We will always set-up and dismantle equipment in accordance with Health & Safety Guidelines and consider the surrounding environment and people in the area when doing so. We cannot be held responsible for any horseplay or interference by others in the area, which may result in accidental damage or personal injury. We politely ask that the set-up area is kept clear of all parties other than those employed by during equipment set-up and takedown to avoid any incidents

Terms & Conditions Continued


7) Children's Party Terms & Conditions

7.1) A parent or guardian of the child who the party is for must be in attendance at all times during the function and will be responsible for the supervision and general behaviour of the child and the other guests in attendance

7.2) It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure the children do not touch or interfere with the equipment we set-up and are kept at a safe distance during set-up and takedown/removal of equipment

8) Use of Smoke and Bubbles

8.1) If you are going to be using smoke or bubble machines for your event, it is the responsibility of the client to check that their use is allowed in the venue

8.2) Smoke machines can only be used in premises that cater for their use, such as having smoke alarms that are not affected and is provided subject to agreement with the venue in advance

8.3) A bubble machine can create slip hazards. All necessary actions will be taken to help prevent the risk of slips and falls, but we cannot be held responsible for any personal injury that may arise

9) DJ Equipment Use by Others

9.1) Our equipment and any associated items are not permitted to be used by others other than those working on behalf of and designated participants of your event, such as presentations and speeches. This must be requested and  agreed in advance of the function date

9.2) We can only set-up our equipment in a suitably sized space, if we are sharing our performing space with a band or singer, the client and venue must give fair consideration to allow enough room for all parties to set-up safely

9.3) Our equipment is only suitable for the purpose of playing music, announcements and lighting. we use dedicated DJ equipment and are not set up for a band or singers to plug their instruments into our equipment. our microphones are available for speeches, presentations and its use must be requested and agreed beforehand

9.4) We are not responsible for providing a sound system, microphone or the playing of music for a singer or band unless agreed in advance. Additional cost will be agreed in advance if this is a requirement, as dedicated equipment will be needed. However if you are booking a band, please make sure that they have their own equipment

10) Withdrawal of Our Services

10.1) In the case of verbal or physical abuse, reserves the right to withdraw its services and stop any further performance immediately. In these circumstances payment will still be due

10.2) In the case of any damage to equipment caused by physical violence or horseplay, we may be forced to stop our performance. Full payment will still be due and any damage to equipment may be subject to full reimbursement of costs being asked for from the client and issued to 

10.3) has the right to ask for removal of any person deemed to be threating or abusive and reserves the right to stop performance if this is not adhered to. Full payment will still be due

11) Data Protection and Privacy Policy

11.1) Any personal details collected will only be used by inline with our Data and Privacy Policy

11.2) and our website are solely for the purpose of promoting the service we offer

11.3) All details requested by are used purely for the purpose of providing a quotation at the time of enquiry or for forming your contract when your Booking Confirmation paperwork is issued when you are booking our services

11.4) Any personal details stored by are on a password protected system with no public access. no data contained within the document is made public or passed onto a third party before or after your function. It is treated as confidential

11.5) Any data stored by is purely for the purpose of record keeping, if you wish for us to delete the data we have stored about you after the function, please notify us in writing

11.6) consists of a small team of DJs/Performers. Only data that is essential to providing the service, such as client name, which includes emergency contact number, venue name , guest of honours name and other relevant details such as details such as music playlists/requests sent in advance shall be passed onto our DJ/Performer providing the service at your function

11.7) We may on occasion use images taken at your function. this is for the purpose of promotion on our website and/or on our social media pages such as Facebook/Instagram. If you would prefer an image not to be used for this purpose, please notify us in writing

11.8) No personal data is stored on our website and therefore cannot be hacked by others via our website

11.9) Any feedback or comments given by a client may also be shared on our website and/or on our social media pages. If you would prefer any feedback/comments not to be used for this purpose, please notify us in writing. We will never give personal details when sharing this information 

11.10) Use of this website is at your own risk. we take appropriate security measures, but cannot be held responsible for any issue that may arise from use of our website and its content

11.11) Use of our website denotes your agreement to our data and privacy policy

We reserve the right to change our Data Protection and  Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice

Additional Information

Our DJ's must be provided with an area that is suitable for changing into performance clothing. It must include a mirror, and if possible a wash basin with running water and hand towels or hand dryer (This although not ideal can include toilet areas)

Our DJ's/Performers will bring water with them but must be supplied basic refreshments, and dependant on number of hours worked some form of food must be offered, even if this is only in snack form

This food must be in-acordance with their personal dietary needs

This will be discussed prior to the event